About Us

WELL YI CO.,LTD. established in 1992 is a PU foam producing factory. We constantly research innovative techniques for several years, developing a series of PU foam products. There are PU armrests, PU seats,PU puncture resistant solid tires used in wheel chairs, power chairs, electric scooters, flat-free bicycles and so on.


The monthly output of PU wheels is 100000pcs and that of PU armrests is 50000pcs. We imported PU tires for domestic production technique in 1998 that the exterior adopts high-quality rubber tire, and the interior adopts high-quality PU material made in Germany.


The PU-filled tires are gastight and have good slip resistance on what condition. Since 1999, we have made the wheel chairs and bicycles over 16" that use PU solid tires.Now the specification of the PU tire is from 4" to 26", and that of the armrest is from 6" to 16". A wide selection of more than 150 sizes provides you multiple options.


We own Chinese patent ZL00258305.4 and the Taiwan patent No. 137080,192487. Our products are used widely by the industries.